and yes there is more 2 come............I just started this section 2 day

Meghans' page

Meghan is a 17 year old female from Canada and she gained the honour (yes, the honour) of becoming the first 2 talk 2 me on ICQ. Plz visit and sign her Guestbook or "Die"

Shantala's Lament

..... it just makes me all honey like, melting and glinting in the sun, like a drop of golden amber!..... The site of a lovely Brazilian, come American Gal, whos personality is as gorgeous as the breathtaking poems that come from her lips..

Babe_jesus' Blizzard site

This is a site run by my mate around the road, Jay, The site is dedicated to Blizzard and its games, which are Diablo, Diablo 2, and Starcraft. Still under construction, you'll notice when u get there, lol.