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my name is Antony Muir and I am one of the biggest cricketheads alive. Currently attending High School in Dunedin , Otago , New Zealand, I have developed this site to put some effort into the game we all love and know as cricket. My first cricketing memories go back to New Zealand's home summer in 1990/91. This was the year that the Bank of New Zealand first introduced their sponsorship and the product that was created immediately made me want to watch. Sri Lanka toured here then and as the "minnows" of world cricket and we expectedly dealt with them in the One-Dayers but when the Test-Matches came around it was a different story and the first Test-Match I ever watched turned into one of the record breakers. The game was just into the fourth day and New Zealand were about 160-2 after following-on 323 runs behind and the TVNZ commentators were commenting on how it would be impossible to bat out the remaining time, but me, being being very much at sea on the knowledge of the game said "Those guys are hitting the ball with no trouble and will bat until I get from school tomorrow" to myself and not to my surprise, they did, and in doing so combined for a world-record (at the time) test partnership of 467 runs and I predicted it and now I only dream of history repeating itself in one way or another.

Later in that summer the light blue team, England toured for a 3 match One-Day series which remains the best One-Day series I have seen in my life. Right at the end of the first match my Nanna commented "I'm not worried to see them lose as it's about time they had a loss", this immediately installed confidence in myself knew right there and then I knew New Zealand were going to win that series. In the end New Zealand won the last two games of the series by 9 and 7 runs respectively with dazzling bowling and fielding displays that were unheard of. With the big crowds, great action and ultimately great entertainment, I was hooked and knew this is the game that I will grow to know and love.

Right now I am personally playing cricket at a social level for King's High School and are quite happy playing low level cricket, until the other day when I decided that I might try to get into a team of reasonable standard. Since gaining a modem and Internet access I have scored myself one of the best jobs around (in my opinion), I am New Zealands scorer for the Australian Cricket Board and will be scoring all of New Zealand's home Internationals this summer. So basically what I have been doing previous years for nothing, I am doing it for a purpose so it is well worth my time.

Being a New Zealand supporter I have obviously had alot of up of ups and downs, but currently I feel New Zealand will prove one of the success stories of next years Cricket World Cup.

Well your probably sick of cricket so I'll blab on about me 4 a bit. My other main interest apart from cricket on the 'net is a game called Diablo, which is made by Blizzard, and they host an on-line gaming service called Battle-net. Diablo was the game of the year back in '96. If you thinking about buying a game , I thoroughly recommend this. It is a game by itself, but the Battle-net gaming service opens up a whole new world. It allows you 2 meet people over the world and talk to them about anything u want and even play with them. There is usually somewhere between 7, 000 and 22, 000 people on-line right now or at anytime. It also helps me promote my site to unsuspecting people all over da world, as can be seen by a few of the Guestbook entries. Perhaps you might already have Diablo, and if u do look out 4 me, my char's names are:

Antony~1~, Antony~2~ & Antony~3~ and if see me and mention to me that you were referred from this site, I'll help you out.

Also, in the last couple of days, the 16th I think, I downloaded ICQ , and if you dont know what it is, read it out till it hits it again slowly. Got it? probably not its "I SEEK U", and with over 19,000,000 registered people, you can meet virtually any sort of person. My ICQ no. is 19250592 and my nickname is "Ant" so search 4 me......plz:). if you dont already have ICQ (unlucky u) You can download it at the banner below (its broken at the mo I think, lol, sorry). And if you just wonna talk about "Sheep" and mock me, dont bother if already had enough of that(aye Mel?)

Sorry I don't have any pic's of me on but, I have no idea how much a scanner is, and/or where two buy one(not).

Well the above is a couple of months old and now it is a bit different. Cause I have a 133 pentium with not much memory, and a 56kpb modem, but everthing was going sooooooooo slow, and it pissed me off so bad, it was like a minute on average between pages, so I decided I would format my drive, and start refreshed and hopefully have a "normal" computer, one page took 16 minutes as my computer just kept loading and loading and loading, and it sort of works now. But webcelerator helps, it does what it says and it does what it says. Gotta go i gotta get to period 4. Well back and it is "Blue and Gold" day and da crazy ppl dressed up, and Laurie Mains was there. What the hell is that?, u may ask, well since Rugby is the most popular common game in this crazy country, hype is alive when the locals do well, and on Sunday Otago will beat Waikato, so all the piss is out and its party mode. If u got any onterest in music you should have a mp3 player, and u can score that latest version, WInamp 2.03 at, and if you want music, look here, or use a hell search engine at Playdude. IT is good a quality music as CD's if you've got this you don't reallly need a stereo, cause if you've got decent speakers, just pump it up from your computer. I scored 140 odd songs on CD from a friend who shall remain anonymous for only $15, 650 megs worth. Later,


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